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The Angels Sing

Ok - you will not perhaps understand the awesomeness of what I'm about to say, having perhaps not traveled with me in the past.
I have got everything I need for four days in Kanasas in my overnight bag. Think a bag the size of a bowling bag. Oh yes.....this is a miracle of epic proportion.

I mean granted, the first day is just driving, so its kind of cheating with yoga pants. But still.

I wouldn't care and would pack like normal (you know...a lot more. With lots of Lush to boot) but I'm flying back. And they want to charge me 25$ for my carry on. Plus I know I'm going to be tired and I like to avoid the baggage claim area whenever I can anyway. So yes, tiny bag that I can carry like a normal person through the airport (we've tried this before but it ended up being a huge duffle I had to lug through O'Hare like a sherpa on a mountain).

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Bouncing Checks

Oh - and as a PS theres some interesting posting going on in my friend Kevin's blog. Bounced check fees....they suck, yes. But the few times I've incurred them I've always thought "Hmm, my fault". But apparently NO. I was really interested to read some of the comments that people wrote. Apparently if I have 5$ and I spend 10$ its the fault of the banking industry? I thought the comments especially would be of interest to coercedbynutmeg & katzies since you two are very money minded people. angryvixen I know you saw this already because I saw your comments. :)
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Movie Fun..

So you guys all know how much I love movies. Were I not at least knee deep in online video lectures I"d love to be watching one right now. Kevin (the one I go on all my wacky adventures with) just posted a post in his blog that I thought was kind of neat so I wanted to share -

I'm going to talk about the list (of worst movies evah!) over there so I'm not cross commenting all over the place but I'm curious to see what you guys think belongs on the list and what you don't! :)

In other news yes, I'm woefully behind on posting on here. So much for my post every day thing. I'm frankly in homework hell....but I'm about over it so I"ll probably just spam you tonight with 50 million updates instead. :)
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2 Day Dinner (well .... 3 I guess if we count the rice)

I was making soup today and one of my friends asked for the recipe. I ended up taking a picture of my chicken roasting thing while trying to explain it - then just thought I'd take pics of the whole thing for her (shes what we call WAY cooking impaired). So then I figured why not share here. Because I can. And I took the pictures dammit - so someone else may as well get a look at it! :)
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Happy Birthday Shopping Fun!

The dog does this pouncing thing that crazks me up where she kind of rears on her hind legs and then hops and pounces on her toy with her front legs. Very cute. :)

I got her this cute pink and green argyle looking collar yesteday at Old Navy (so she can look more like a girl dog dammit!) and this absurdly heavy pink bone. She tears up ALL her toys so I'm hoping this lasts awhile.

It was my sistser's birthday yesterday - hence the shopping fun. We went to the FL mall and hit all the usual haunts ... it cracks me up that the girl at Lush always recognizes my sister and I. Realistically speaking we only go maybe once a month - not even! I finally got the wrap thing that I have wanted for awhile - its like a travel thing that fits all the different tins. I also got one of their solid shampoos - I've been wanting to try one for awhile. We'll see what I think of this.

I also got a case for my phone since the dog ate my old one during the toilet incident (jerk dog - kicking me while I'm gone) and some new perfume. Well - the same stuff that I wore before. I was trying to find something new but hey - I love how this smells and I always get compliments when I wear it. My skin is odd sometimes - it smells so good in the bottle and so horrid on me!

We hit Whole Foods after - then went back to my mom's house where she made what is now the traditional birthday meal (what both my sister and I ask for) her marinated beef sticks and her spaghetti with broccoli. Mike had to work later so he didn't make it - which is probably for the best. Those beef sticks are a precious commodity in the house and my sister watched every single one!! Mike would have eaten like umpteen of them! And then she would have stabbed him with a bamboo skewer!

Ohh - and exciting - we got a riding lawn mower! Jim (mom's husband) got a new riding mower, it didn't work for Suze and Josh so he brought it over here for us. However once Mike got it into the garage the rotting post holding up the one side of the door collapsed, so now the garage door is half hanging off the track and we have a riding mower that we can't get out of the garage (the garage is detached - and the one part of it has some serious termite damage. Add it to the list of things my father has half repaired!)

I guess its to be understood - I've been in this house a year now so problems that were on the "we need to take care of this later" list have worsened and now are "we need to take care of this now". Like the sink drip that hasn't been bad until recently - where its more of a constant stream. That kind of thing. Oh well. :)
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India's Water Supply

For an International Business class I took last semester I had to do this big project on India. One of their big problems is a lack of potable water. As more people crowd into the country, along with corporations (Coke for instance tried to put a plant in the country and totally screwed up that area in terms of water supply).

So heres an article I ran across today where basically 1500 farmers in a region had committed mass suicide because they were just so in the hole. Water used to be at 40 feet above sea level, now its 250 feet below.

Sad. Just sad.
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March is Question Month......

 And I never do these!  So here it is ... comments are screened and anonymous commenting is on.  :)  Ask me ANY QUESTION you want and I'll answer.  Go for it!!!

Fixed - now you can have anonymous commenting and ip logging is off.  :)
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Bucket Man in Mardi Gras

Mike and I ran into this guy in New Orleans - he was really good. Like well worth the money we gave him after. He sang his little intro song then did a rap about us - it was hilarious and awesome. I wish I'd thought to film it the way this guy did!!